1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions the following terms are used:

1.1 Tattoo atelier sixtyseven ; located in Amsterdam at NDSM-square 84

1.2 Client. The natural person, which gives an order to Tattoo atelier sixtyseven to apply a tattoo as well as which is treated by Tattoo atelier sixtyseven or to which Tattoo atelier sixtyseven delivers products or services.

1.3 Agreement. Every agreement between Tattoo atelier sixtyseven and client to deliver product(s) or service(s), including applying a tattoo or other cosmetic treatment.


2  Applicability

2.1 These terms and conditions are applicable to all agreements between Tattoo atelier sixtyseven and client, on to which Tattoo atelier sixtyseven serves as a (potential) seller and/or supplier of products and/or services. By these terms and conditions can only be deviated in writing and with expressly consent of Tattoo atelier sixtyseven.


2.2 All deliveries of products and/or services by Tattoo sixtyseven will be delivered with no exceptions by Tattoo atelier sixtyseven and never by the seperate acting persons which are enabled by or called by Tattoo sixtyseven.


2.3 The client who enters an agreement with Tattoo sixtyseven expressly agrees with these by Tattoo atelier sixtyseven used terms and conditions.


3. Accountability and own risk


3.1 All orders of the client to Tattoo atelier sixtyseven are provided on the client’s own risk.


3.2 By giving order to Tattoo atelier sixtyseven to apply a tattoo or another cosmetic treatment declares to be familiar with all possible consequences of the treatment, including medical, psychic and corporate-social consequenses. It is known to the client that the by or through Tattoo atelier sixtyseven applied body-adorments never can be removed completely or in a cosmetic attractive way removed.


3.3 By giving order to Tattoo atelier sixtyseven to apply a tattoo or other cosmetic treatment, the client declares that he/she is in good health, doesn’t suffers from any form of allergy, hemofily, diabetes, immune-disorder, skin-disorder or otherwise and is not infected with blood-transferable diseases (like HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C, or other(s) and that his/her treartment also cannot be a danger to the health of the employees of Tattoo atelier sixtyseven.


3.4 The client vouches that he/she has reached the age of 16 or older and that he/she has taken the decision to get a tattoo applied by Tattoo atelier sixtyseven in good consideration.


3.5 Tattoo atelier sixtyseven doesn’t apply tattoos on persons under the age of 16, not even with the consent of a parent or keeper.


3.6 Tattoo sixtyseven always has the right to ask for a valid ID from the client, to make copies of it and store these. If the client cannot show a valid ID, Tattoo atelier sixtyseven has the right to refuse the order.


3.7 Texts and numbers are to be checked in advance by the client. Errors that result from this are the responsability and risk of the client.


4. Liability


4.1 By giving an order to Tattoo atelier sixty-seven the client recognizes that Tattoo sixtyseven has an effort-commitment.Tattoo atelier  sixtyseven will make the best effort to create the best possible result. Tattoo atelier sixtyseven can never garantee that the intended result will be actually reached. Tattoo atelier sixtyseven is not liable to not or not completely reaching the intended  result and even for damage which could occur as a result of the treatment, unless it is proven that the damage is due to intend or neglect.


4.2 In case Tattoo atelier sixtyseven is finded liable for any damage suffered by the client, the compensation is limited to the amount that Tattoo sixtyseven has brought in account for the delivery of products or services to the client.


4.3  Every right to compensation expires in case the client has not taken immediate measures to limit the damage, respectively prevent more or other damage.; as well as informing Tattoo atelier sixtyseven as soon as reasonably possible of all relevant information.


4.4 Tattoo atelier sixtyseven can use all legal and contractual means of counter-notification which Tattoo atelier sixtyseven can call upon to counter Tattoo atelier sixtyseven liability towards the client; also for the benefit of Tattoo atelier sixtyseven employees or possible third parties for those who’s acts Tattoo atelier sixtyseven is liable for by law.


4.5 Tattoo atelier sixtyseven cannot be held responsible for damage to clothing or other belongings of the client.


5. Guarantee


Tattoo atelier sixtyseven uses for tattooing only inks and pigments which are controlled by the Dutch Ministry of Public Health and the inspectorate of goods as determined by law.


6. Applicable law / compotent judge


6.1 On these terms and conditions as well agreements on which these terms and conditions are or could be applicable to, the Dutch law is applied.


6.2 Disputes between Tattoo atelier sixtyseven and client, resulting from the agreements on to which the terms and conditions are applicable, will exclusively be judged by the competent judge of the Court in Amsterdam, or/if Tattoo atelier sixtyseven is acting as demanding or requesting party, specificly chooses a competent judge in the livingplace of the client.


7. Conversion


If and on ground of reasonableness and fairness of the unreasonable, onerous character on any provision in these terms and conditions can’t be appealed to, to this provision an according meaning will be; accounted to the content and thrust, so it can be appealed to.


8. Final provision

 These terms and conditions are applicable on all employees of Tattoo atelier sixtyseven and on any third party which is enabled for implementation of the agreement.This clause can never be meant as any recognision that the implied employees or enabled third parties acted on personal behalve by the implementation of the agreement. Independent working tattoo-artiesten, renting a working-space at Tattoo atelier sixtyseven are responsible for their own terms and conditions and cannot appeal to the terms and conditions of Tattoo atelier sixtyseven.

© tattoo atelier sixtyseven Amsterdam.   Terms and conditions